Singer 14SH654 Review

Singer 14SH654 review


  • Speed: The SINGER 14SH654 helps save time with its stitching speed. The machine operates at up to 1,300 stitches per minute. It features electronic speed control for maintaining a consistent speed with no sudden starts.
  • Portable: The machine is also easy to carry around. It features a built-in carrying handle making transporting a breeze.
  • Built-In Rolled Hems: The SINGER 14SH654 provides four built-in rolled hems. These can be used to add elegant finishes to delicate items such as linens and scarves. Converting to rolled hem mode is simple with the easy access lever that moves the stitch finger to the proper position.
  • Reverse Feature: The 14SH654 offers an automatic reverse feature that helps provide extra clearance beneath the presser foot lifter. This allows for placing many layers of material under the presser foot.


  • Weight: The 14SH654 model is built very light, making it difficult to stay in place while in use. Unlike some other models this machine does not feature suction cups to keep it locked to a surface thus it is likely to move while sewing.

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Singer 14SH654
Singer 14SH654
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The SINGER 14SH654 comes with a range of features to meet the needs of many users that work with a variety of features. Best of all, the machine is color-coded with a detailed guide to make operation simple.

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Stitch Options

The SINGER 14SH654 Finishing Touch features two needles with a 3-4 thread capability. The versatile machine offers six types of stitches and allows for quick stitching, easy trimming and overcastting. Stitch functions include a rolled hem, a blind hem, flatlocking, a three-thread overlock, the three-thread, wrapped edge overlock and the four-thread mock-safety stitch. The switch from overedging to rolled hems can be done without changing the throat plate. The machine’s differential feed also allows for sewing gathered fabric without stretching.

Product Features

Helpful Guides 
The SINGER 14SH654 Finishing Touch provides a number of components to help and guide the user while using the machine. It features color-coded lay-in thread tension with easy-to-read diagrams. This feature makes threading simple and easy.

Free Arm
The free arm makes it easy to sew hard-to-reach parts of cylindrical pieces such as pant legs, sleeves and small items for children’s clothing.

Differential Feed
The differential feed is fully adjustable to ensure an even stitch for flawless seams without snapping or bunching on any type of fabric. The adjustable differential feed also prevents stretchy fabrics from loosening.

Moveable Upper Knife
Being able to move the upper knife allows the user to add more room to the work space. It also prevents the fabric from being cut while the machine is in use.

Four-Thread Mock-Stretch Stitch
The four-thread mock-stretch stitch is useful for sewing knit fabrics as the stitch stretches along with the fabric. This ability gives durable results that will not snap when the material stretches.


Product Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 11.5 inches
Weight: 13.5 pounds
Speed: 1,300 Stitches per Minute
Threads: 3-4
Color-Coded: Yes
Light: Yes


The machine offers various automatic and adjustable features to fit each user’s preferences. While it may have a slightly flimsy build the SINGER 14SH654 still provides numerous features to make creating professional garments easy.

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