Best Reasons to Love Sergers

Previously, sergers were made only for commercial use. The machines were large, heavy and impractical for using in the home. Over time, the machines have developed into more compact units that can be used at home while still providing the same industrial-level quality. Personally, I love sergers because of the variety of functions they provide over standard sewing machines in addition to the professional look of finished pieces.

Superior performance

Superior performanceSergers have the ability to perform tasks and create looks that cannot be achieved with only a sewing machine. Sergers often operate at rapid speeds, allowing users to complete garments and other projects in a much timelier fashion.

The machines can hold rough edges with an overcast stitch while simultaneously cutting fabric, thus saving even more time. They also sew stretch seams, making them ideal for knit fabrics. One of my favorite features found in the serger is its ability to sew elaborate decorative stitches with ease. 

There are many types of stitches such as two-thread overlock, three-thread overlock, three-thread flatlock, four-thread overlock, chain stitches, cover stitches, safety stitches and rolled hems. The multitude of stitches available with a serger help finish the edges of the fabric with decorative appeal while also reinforcing and stabilizing the seam for function and durability.

Impressive Versatility

Impressive VersatilityMany sergers also have the ability to add other materials such as elastic, tape or ribbon to the fabric with durable stitches. You can create stretchy one-size clothes, ironing board covers, hair bonnets or anything else that would need elastic right in your own home.

The professional look created by a serger comes from its ability to sew with multiple threads at a time. A standard sewing machine may only use two, while a serger can use up to four with an optional cover stitch as a fifth. Stitches are threaded on the top and bottom for maximum durability.

Personalized Experience

Personalized ExperienceThe machines are also customizable according to each task. You can adjust your cutting width, stitch length and differential feed. All of these elements work together to create the type of garment you see as ideal. The stitch length determines how bound the seam will be, while the differential feed prevents unwanted bunching and stretching of delicate fabric, allowing for better control in working with a variety of materials.

I love the fact that sergers can create rolled hems easily. Rolled hems make any piece of material look clean and tidy, but work especially well on delicate pieces. This style rolls the fabric over itself to hide the sewn edges, giving an authentic professional look and esthetic simplicity to any garment.

I love sergers for a number of reasons, but the most important aspect is their overall versatility that allows for creating all sorts of edges, seams and finished garments. They cut down on sewing time by allowing me to cut while stitching, on top of their general stitching speed. I can customize and adjust features to fit my unique projects as well. For giving projects the most professional look possible, I highly recommend taking advantage of the serger.

photo credit: ♥mrsapplegate, Antony Niroshan, crochetgal, Cheryl