Juki MO-50E Review

Juki MO-50E


  • Affordable: The Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger is very affordable compared to many other sergers with similar features.
  • Multitude of Features: The MO-50E features a number of functions found on the best sergers including differential feed, calibrated knife adjustment, automatic lower looper threading and built-in rolled hemming.
  • Weight: The Juki MO-50E is powerful yet still lightweight. This makes it ideal for transporting between professional and home projects.
  • Versatility: The serger also provides lots of room to experiment with its variety of stitch functions and movable and adjustable parts such as its upper and lower knives and stitch length.


  • Unique Skill: For those not familiar with serging on a regular basis operation of this machine may prove to be difficult. Such difficulty can result in threads coming out of the looper or pieces with loose hems.

Where To Find The Best Value

Juki MO-50E
Juki MO-50E
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The Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger has top-quality features at an affordable price. These include automatic threading, differential feed, built-in rolled hemming and calibrated knife adjustment. It is easily adjustable and has the capabilities to match the most complicated serging tasks.

Stitch Options

The Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger produces flawless seams with some of the best features usually only found in expensive machines. It is equipped with differential feed, rolled hemming and adjustable stitch length. It offers a number of different stitches for maximum efficiency and versatility. Included stitch types include:

  • 3-thread rolled hem
  • 3-thread rolled hem with differential feed
  • 3-thread overlock
  • 3-thread narrow overlock
  • 3-thread flatlock
  • 4-thread overlock


Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 14 x 13.5 inches
Speed: 1,300 Stitches per Minute
Threads: 3-4
Color-Coded: Yes
Light: Yes

Product Features

Differential Feed 
The differential feed helps prevent thin and stretchy fabrics from being pulled out of shape or stretched out. It works to change the tightness of the fabric as it is stitched. This feature allows for more versatility with materials of different thicknesses.

Built-in Rolled Hemming 
The built-in rolled hem featured on the Juki MO-50E helps give projects a professional finish. The hemmer rolls the fabric over itself to hide its edges. The roll is sewn while it is being rolled up. This process provides a smooth edge necessary to create high-quality garments and pieces.

Adjustable Knife
The knife is calibrated and adjustable to maintain cutting consistency across serging tasks. The calibration ensures each project remains clean and uniform from project to project. The serger’s upper knife is movable, adding an additional safety mechanism.

Automatic Lower Looper Threading
This feature makes threading the machine that much easier. This is a great feature for those new to serging as it allows the user to push a button that causes the thread to automatically go through the looper. The automatic process helps save time during initial set-up or operation.

Adjustable Stitch Length 
Both the stitch length and the lower knife can be adjusted. The length of the stitch can be adjusted from 1 to 4 millimeters. This is done with a simple dial on the right side of the machine. The lower knife can also be adjusted in order to change the width of the fabric for rolled edges.

Efficient Speed
The Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger operates at a maximum speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute, making it a quick and efficient serger for easily completing the most difficult serging tasks.


The Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger is a useful machine for accomplishing a wide range of serging tasks. While it can be helpful for all skill levels it may be best used with those that have more experience.